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Can Aliens Account for the Origin of Life?

While panspermia is dispensed in different varieties, the basic notion is that life came to earth via aliens (directed) or meteorites (undirected). No less an authority than Darwinist Richard Dawkins considers the notion “an intriguing possibility.” In reality, panspermia—literally, “seeds everywhere”—does little to solve the naturalistic conundrum concerning the origin of life. First, while Dawkins […]

Did God Use Evolution As His Method of Creation?

Under the banner of “theistic evolution,” a growing number of Christians maintain that God used evolution as his method for creation. This, in my estimation, is the worst of all possibilities. It is one thing to believe in evolution; it is quite another to blame God for it. First, the biblical account of creation specifically […]

Is It Possible for a Protein Molecule to Come into Existence by Chance?

Evolutionary theory concerning how the first organized form of primitive life evolved hardly corresponds to reality. First, there is not the slightest evidence for an evolutionary sequence among the unimaginably varied cells existing on our planet. Furthermore, no living system can rightly be called primitive with respect to any other. Consider, for example, that life […]

Is the Mind Identical to the Brain?

Did God create us as body-soul unities, or are we merely material beings living in a material world in which reason is reduced to a conditioned reflex? First, logically, we recognize the mind and the brain to be different in that they have dissimilar properties. A moment’s reflection is sufficient to convince a thinking person […]

Are Ape-Men Fictions, Frauds, and Fantasies?

As has been well said, there is no business like bone business. Pithecanthropus erectus, Piltdown man, and Peking man are prime exemplars. First and perhaps best known among the ape-men icons is Pithecanthropus erectus. What is not as well known is that this fictional transitional form* between apes and humans is based on nothing more […]

Did God Create Inherently Flawed Eyes?

Darwin used the human eye to illustrate “organs of extreme perfection and complication.” To neo-Darwinists*, however, the human eye is a case of ill-designed optics. So what gives? First, while evolutionists believe the verted retina in invertebrates (e.g., squids) is superior to the inverted retina in vertebrates (e.g., humans), precisely the opposite is true. As […]

Did Hippos Evolve into Whales?

In The Origin of Species, Darwin speculated that bears might well evolve into whales: “I see no difficulty in a race of bears being rendered by Natural Selection*, more and more aquatic in their structure and habits, with larger and larger mouths, till a creature was produced as monstrous as a whale.” In stark contrast, […]

What Is Darwin’s Tree of Life?

According to Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life*, humans and fruit flies share a common ancestor. According to Richard Dawkins, so do boys and bananas. This begs the question: What is Darwin’s version of the Tree of Life? First, Darwin’s Tree of Life is an illustration. It appears in The Origin of Species to persuade the […]

Is It Reasonable to Believe That Scales Evolved into Feathers?

A primary evolutionary contention is that, in the course of merely millions of years, reptilian scales became more and more like feathers until, one day, the perfect feather emerged. Is this reasonable or ridiculous? First, as science advances, it has brought to light an unanticipated world of enormous complexity that requires the evolutionist to take […]

Is Pro-Avis a Missing Link Between Lizards and Birds?

A few years after Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould ruled out Archaeopteryx a s a missing link, Yale’s John Ostrom proposed Pro-avis. Is Pro-avis a function of science or just science fiction? First, unlike Archaeopteryx, no fossil evidence exists for Pro-avis. Eminent paleontologist Dr. John Ostrom, credited for revolutionizing modern understanding of dinosaurs, simply pictured a […]