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Episode 013: Physician Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die

Episode 013: “Physician Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die” with Jay Watts Articles related to this episode: “Me Before You’s Strange View of Love and Weak Defense of Assisted Suicide” “Death with Dignity and the Imago Dei” “Very Quiet People: Ethical, Medical, and Theological Perspectives on Those in “Vegetative” and Other Hypokinetic States” “Kevorkian: […]

Episode 012: Jesus Films

Episode 012: “Jesus Films” with John McAteer Articles related to this episode: “Almighty Fathers and Only Begotten Sons in Last Days in the Desert” Film Review “Imagining Jesus’ Humanity in The Young Messiah” Film Review “Risen and the Apologetics of Love” Film Review

Episode 011: Why Accept the Pythagorean Theorem

Episode 011: “Why Accept the Pythagorean Theorem” (Issue 39 Volume #3, 2016) with Paul Nelson A conversation with Paul about the genetic fallacy argument and his article. This article is in the Of Bathroom Bills and Basic Beliefs issue of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL.

Episode 010: There’s Something About Relativism

Episode 010: “There’s Something About Relativism” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with Travis M. Dickinson

Episode 009: The Graven Images of Social Media

Episode 009: “The Graven Images of Social Media” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with Amber M. Stamper Articles mentioned in this episode: “The Effects of Porn and the Male Brain” “Developing Discernment in Devotional Reading” “More to Manga?” More Articles on Media Ecology and Image: “Is It Impossible to Redeem Electronic Media? A Christian Critique […]

Episode 008: Modesty, Objectivism, and Human Value

Episode 008: “Modesty, Objectivism, and Human Value” (Issue 38 Volume #4, 2015) with Richard J. Poupard Read Poupard’s article on modesty here.

Episode 007: Rape and Sexual Violence on the College Campus

Episode 007: “Rape and Sexual Violence on the College Campus” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with Jay Watts

Episode 006: Digital Souls: What Should Christians Believe about Artificial Intelligence?

Episode 006: “Digital Souls: What Should Christians Believe about Artificial Intelligence?” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with James Hoskins

Episode 005: Wealth and Stewardship: Key Biblical Principles

Episode 005: “Wealth and Stewardship: Key Biblical Principles” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with Michael W. Austin

Episode 004: Agile Apologetics

Episode 004: “Agile Apologetics” (Issue 39 Volume #2, 2016) with Douglas Groothuis