One objective of Melissa Cain Travis’ ministry has become communicating to parents the significance of developing a well-reasoned faith so that they have sound answers to the more common challenges brought against the truth claims of Christianity. The stories she sometimes hear from mothers of adult children have reinforced her conviction about the importance of this. A couple of years ago, a lovely grandmother in her  home church approached me one evening after she finished teaching a session of a women’s apologetics study. She confided that her son had abandoned his faith for atheism as a young adult, married a nonbeliever, and was raising his preteen children in a secular home environment. “My grandkids are spending a month with me this summer,” she said, a note of hopefulness in her voice. “Could you recommend some good books I could have on hand for them?” Melissa gave her a few suggestions, and her heart went out to her, a mother who had discovered the need for a well-grounded faith through such painful circumstances. 

This  Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Melissa Cain Travis about here 39:1 article, “Motherhood and the Life of the Mind“.

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