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Will there be sex in heaven?

What do you see in your mind’s eye when the word “sex” is mentioned? An image of Madonna on MTV? A James Bond movie? Cosmopolitan magazine? Or does your mind immediately flash from sex to Scripture? Trust me, when it comes to sex, Playboy cannot hold a candle to Scripture. If you think that’s an […]

Will there be animals in heaven?

Scripture does not conclusively tell us whether our pets will make it to heaven. However, the Bible does provide us with some significant clues regarding whether or not animals will inhabit the new heaven and the new earth. First, animals populated the garden of Eden. Thus, there is a precedent for believing that animals will […]

How old will we be in heaven?

Scripture does not specifically address the issue of apparent age; however it does provide glorious insights concerning the state of our resurrected bodies. First, when God created Adam and Eve in Eden, he created them with apparent age and in the prime of life. Additionally, Jesus died and was resurrected at the prime of his […]

When do we receive our resurrected bodies?

When do we receive our resurrected bodies? This is a question I encountered frequently after the death of my father. Family members and friends wanted to know whether my dad had become a disembodied soul or whether he received his resurrection body the moment he died. First, Scripture clearly refers to the moment of death […]