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The Virgin Birth, and Q&A

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:   Hank’s Monologue: Hank shares his thoughts on the virgin birth of Jesus and demonstrates that reason and evidence force us to embrace supernatural explanations for not only the virgin birth, but the origin of the universe as well. Questions and Answers: What did Jesus mean […]

Creationism vs. Evolutionism, and Q&A

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:   Hank’s Monologue: Hank gives three reasons why we can be absolutely certain the theory of evolution is false. Questions and Answers: What is the best way to defend the virgin birth of Jesus? Did God create the dinosaurs? What about behemoth and leviathan mentioned in […]

Typological Prophecy

Hank answers a question about the Hebrew word “almah” used in Isaiah 7:14, and describes how the virgin birth prophecy was

The Same Today

For those who have wondered how systematic theology can be communicated effectively to today’s millennial generation that inhabits comfortably the world of online blogs but often feels out of its element with scholarly books, Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears demonstrate one way it can be done. Driscoll, pastor of more than six-thousand mostly under-thirty Seattleites […]

Was Isaiah thinking about Jesus when he prophesied the virgin birth?

Looking back at the Old Testament through the lens of the New, it is easy to assume that Isaiah understood the Messianic meaning of his prophecy. However, those who believe that the Bible is the infallible repository of redemptive revelation must be willing to test all things in light of Scripture and hold fast to […]

Is the virgin birth miracle or myth?

In an op-ed piece published by the New York Times (August 15, 2003), columnist Nicholas Kristof used the virgin conception of Jesus to shamelessly promote the Enlightenment’s false dichotomy between faith and reason. In his words, “The faith in the Virgin Birth reflects the way American Christianity is becoming less intellectual and more mystical over […]