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Always Ready to Give an Answer

Hank addresses the question: is there a point when we give up witnessing to someone? Hank shares that we should

Can a person be argued into the kingdom of God?

A common mistake Christians make derives from the notion that someone can be talked into the kingdom of God. While the motivation may be sincere, the consequences are often devastating. First, no matter how eloquent you may or may not be, you cannot change anyone else’s heart— only the Holy Spirit can do that. Thus […]

Is apologetics really necessary?

Too often people suppose the task of apologetics to be the exclusive domain of scholars and theologians. Not so! The defense of the faith is not optional. It is basic training for every Christian. And that means you! First, the Bible informs us that apologetics is not just a nicety; it is a necessity for […]

Witnessing to a Jewish Friend

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