Unmasking the New Age


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Apr 13, 2023


Jun 9, 2009

The first good Christian book on the New Age movement is still at the top of my list. Unmasking the New Age is an amazing work in that in 194 pages it covers virtually every relevant submovement and trend within this far-flung movement, and addresses every major question it raises for Christians. After providing a basic introduc­tion and historical background, Douglas Groothuis proceeds to offer an overview of New Age influences in medicine, psycholo­gy, science, politics, and religion. He con­cludes by outlining a preliminary Christian response to the NAM.

The author deserves high marks on sev­eral points. As one who has also researched the subject, I can attest that Groothuis is extremely well read in the vast literature pertaining to his subject. He is also a clear, effective writer, packing his words full with meaning. Furthermore, as a critic of the NAM Groothuis displays an all-too-rare quality: balance. For example, he recog­nizes that the NAM is the rising social force without concluding that the battle for our culture is already lost.

If the book has a weakness it might be a lack of apologetic muscle. Groothuis’s criti­cisms of the movement, though valid and relevant, are usually very brief. But if this is a flaw, it is a minor one. One book can only accomplish so much. As a concise Christian overview of the NAM, Unmasking can hardly be topped.

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