January 16, 2012

Hank shares on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Recommends “Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Legacy” by LaShawn Barber

Questions / Comments

  • Why don’t you start teaching dispensationalism? (3:04)
  • Was Jesus Christ in the tomb for three days and three nights? How could there be a Friday crucifixion? (11:13)
  • I heard Mitt Romney went to the Mormon hierarchy to get permission for a matter on politics. Is Mitt Romney under the control of the LDS church? How much? (23:27)
  • What is your opinion of John Shelby Spong? (27:36)
  • Should we be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinitarian baptism, or in the name of Jesus only? (31:00)
  • Apparent contradiction between Luke and Mark accounts of women coming to the tomb. The women coming to the tomb and preparing the spices. Mark says they came after the Sabbath and prepared the spices. Luke says Mary and the women prepared the spices before the Sabbath. Are there multiple Sabbaths? (39:34)
  • If we are living on a New Earth, what is the purpose of having a New Heaven? (42:19)
  • What will be doing on the New Earth for eternity? (44:08)
  • Why does the Nestle-Alan 27th edition of the Greek New Testament have a text apparatus? (45:29)
  • I am not a Mormon. I do not believe in that religion. But wouldn’t it be better to vote for Mitt Romney than Barack Obama who supports abortion? (47:53)