On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/14/23), Hank picks up his overview of the days of Holy Week, arriving at Holy Friday, the day a united Church is brought face-to-face with the fatal torment of Jesus Christ. A torment that began in the garden of Gethsemane following the emotional Last Supper of Holy Thursday. That night Jesus was betrayed by Judas, disowned by Peter, and arrested by the temple guard. Before Caiaphas the high priest, he was mocked, beaten, and spat upon. The next morning Jesus—battered, bruised, and bleeding—was stripped and subjected to the brutality of Roman flogging, reducing his body to quivering ribbons of bleeding flesh. As Christ slumped into the pool of his own blood, soldiers threw a scarlet robe across his shoulders, thrust a scepter into his hands, and pressed sharp thorns into his scalp. After they mocked him, they took the scepter and repeatedly struck him on the head. A heavy wooden beam was thrust upon his bleeding body and he was led away to a place called Golgotha. There, the Lord of Glory experienced ultimate physical torture in the form of the cross.

Today as we remember the passion of Christ upon the cross, as we recall his dying words “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit” we are reminded that we too will breathe our last. Whether we are old or young, rich or poor, male or female, we light the sky for the briefest of moments. And then eternity. In the meantime, what we do today will have direct consequences for all eternity. Thus, while the culture seeks to focus your gaze on greatness, Christ rightly focuses your gaze on grace and godliness.


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