CRI Resource: Free to Believe The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America

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Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty  in America by Luke Goodrich

Free to Believe Will Accomplish Three Things

1) This book will ground Christians in the deep scriptural and theological underpinnings of religious freedom. Too often we begin thinking about religious freedom as a legal, cultural, or political problem without first recognizing that it is a theological problem.

2) This book will help the church understand the most important legal and cultural threats to religious freedom in the coming years. Our challenges today are different from the religious freedom challenges of fifteen years ago and different from those in other countries.

3) Free to Believe will equip the church — practically — to live out our faith within a changing culture. Much of Scripture was written to the persecuted church, and we need to reacquaint ourselves with that message.

Why Religious Freedom Matters
“The denial of religious freedom is a form of injustice in two respects: it is an attempt by the government to invade a realm that belongs only to God, and it is a denial of something that every human being deserves — the opportunity to freely embrace or reject relationship with God.”

“Religious freedom is like a canary in a coal mine for all other rights. When a government begins to take away religious freedom — as has been done in Soviet Russia and Communist China — watch out! Other rights will soon follow.”

Unprecedented Threats to Religious Freedom

“We face a variety of religious freedom threats that would have been unthinkable twenty-five years ago — from laws requiring religious groups to pay for abortions, to laws requiring doctors to help with assisted suicide, to restrictions of free speech on college campuses, to the elimination of long-standing tax exemptions for churches. Same-sex marriage doesn’t explain all of these. Something bigger has happened.”

“The belief in absolute truth is now viewed as a form of discrimination. The belief that abortion is wrong is now viewed as an assault on the health and dignity of women. The belief that God designed sex for marriage between a man and a woman is now viewed as an attack on the LGBT community. Our nation is less religious than ever before, meaning fewer people need religious freedom. And our nation is more religiously diverse than ever before, meaning it is harder to protect religious freedom. This is a recipe for unprecedented attacks on religious freedom.”

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