On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (12/21/23), Hank answers the following questions:

  • Was the serpent in the Garden of Eden a real snake? Mike – Kansas City, MO (0:49)
  • In James chapter 5, who is James talking about when he refers to the rich? Lisa – Charlotte, NC (3:30)
  • Can you give me some more information about the Black Hebrew Israelites and what they believe? Tiffany – Oklahoma City, OK (6:12)
  • What are your thoughts on Zeitgeist: the Movie? David – Clovis, CA (15:12)
  • Is Matthew 18:15 talking about an individual sin or living in sin? Zack – Stillwater, OK (16:59)
  • Is it okay to drink alcohol? What if drinking causes someone to stumble? James – Charlotte, NC (18:26)
  • How do you know when God is speaking? Robert – Dallas, TX (21:04)
  • How do we know the difference between an accusation from the devil and the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Robert – Dallas, TX (23:59)


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