On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/07/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • As an atheist, what is wrong with making me the center of the universe? Randall – Richmond, BC (0:49)
  • What does it mean to be unequally yoked in a relationship? Anne – Calgary, AB (4:17)
  • Are the teachings of Rod Parsley Biblical? Cole – Lincoln, NE (7:54)
  • The Bible tells us not to fast openly. Does this mean we need to hide our fasting from our family? Clint- Glenpool, OK (15:13)
  • Should we prevent others from going on parole from prison? Clint- Glenpool, OK (17:31)
  • Is it permissible for Christians to be involved in practices that include “chi” and “energy pathways”? Do these energy pathways even exist in the body? Phyllis – NC (19:12)
  • In 1 Samuel 17, why did Saul ask, “Who is David?” when Saul already met David in 1 Samuel 16? Steve – Midwest City, OK (23:10)


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