Do you give with a joyful heart? According to today’s guest Dr. Andrew Geleris, “An utterly breathtaking divergence has developed between the joy of giving that God intends his people to experience and the way many Christians view giving as an unpleasant but necessary obligation of church membership.” Simply put, for many of us money has an unhealthy hold on our hearts. This conversation will challenge you to make a change in your life and view your finances from an eternal perspective. The Lord spoke more frequently and forcefully about almsgiving than he did about prayer, yet most Church leaders are reluctant to discuss money simply because it is often uncomfortable. “Dr. Andrew Geleris is passionate about challenging the Church to develop disciples with a biblical “theology of money” that promotes a Godly view on giving with all your heart that will leave Christians “refreshed—indeed, delighted—by recognizing the unfathomably great blessing God hopes to pour out on us through generosity.”

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2.9).

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Topics discussed include: The relationship between money and salvation (5:00); how generous giving transforms our souls (8:20); The Parable of the Farmer (12:50); the relationship between repentance and finances (16:10); what almsgiving actually means and why it is so important (21:50); should we tithe? (24:30); the dangers of the prosperity gospel and the commodification of Christ (28:30); what can we learn from Mary washing the feet of Jesus? (34:45); what are whole burnt offerings and what is the equivalent today? (36:25); the “ovarian lottery” and God’s providence (41:20); how the parable of the soils inspired Alan Barnhart to create a financial finish line (44:45); what we can learn from St. Basil the Great about giving (53:05); what is sacrificial giving? (53:30); misconceptions about what tithing is for (57:55); how should we tithe? (1:00:45); we don’t truly own anything, in the grave “kings and beggars dwell together” (1:03:30); is there a problem with receiving public recognition for giving? (1:04:40); the spiritual growth we experience through giving (1:09:25); should we tithe on our gross or net income? (1:11:30); scriptural examples of giving (1:12:30); should we give to panhandlers? (1:14:30); are Christians fundraising the right way? (1:16:10); God’s financial priority is the care of the poor (1:19:15); the powerful lesson of the widow who gave all she had [Mark 12:41-44] (1:21:00); the rewards for almsgiving according to scripture (1:23:50); giving is more beneficial spiritually than financially (1:26:00).

To order Money and Salvation: An Invitation to the Good Way and or On Wealth and Poverty by St. John Chrysostom with a Foreword by Hank Hanegraaff, click here.

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