Volume 39:Issue 3 

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04 From the President
Cultural Free-Fall

06 Effective Evangelism
Why Accept the Pythagorean Theorem?

>08 Practical Hermeneutics
Did Eve Have Sex with Satan? The Serpent Seed View of Genesis 3:15

10 Of Bathroom Bills and Basic Beliefs
by Joe Dallas
Ethical Discernment: Should people who feel they belong to a particular gender be allowed to use public bathrooms restricted to that gender, even if their birth certificates state they belong to the opposite gender? Through recent legislation, some states are answering yes while others are answering no. Christians must determine how they should respond to this controversy.

20 Is “Gay Christian” an Acceptable Identity?
by Joe Dallas
Ethical Discernment: As the culture shifts toward condoning behaviors it once condemned, so does its language. Yet Christians must resist reframing immorality in positive terms. Just as all Christians struggle against cravings for what they know to be wrong and must move past binding their identity to those sinful desires, believers who experience same-sex attraction must carefully define the role such attraction plays in their self-identification.

26Thought for Food
by Bob Perry
Christian Growth/Ethical Discernment: In an age of mass food production, high-tech farming, and grocery “superstores,” we have commodified and secularized our most basic human need. Bob Perry lays groundwork for a “theology of eating” to help restore the direct, nurturing, and sacred connection God’s people originally enjoyed with the food they consumed.

32 Transcending Human Imagination: The Embodiment of Heroism Manifest in Christ
by Bailey Vaughn
Literary Apologetics: Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in superheroes. Heroes follow a pattern, whether in ancient epics or modern comic books, that is fulfilled and established by the “hero’s journey” of Jesus Christ. Thus, heroes have “preached the gospel” throughout time on the pages of great literature and provide us with opportunities to do so today.

38 The State of the Church according to Millennials
by Steven Reep
Philosophical Apologetics/Historical Apologetics: Young adults today tend to characterize Christians as bigoted and ignorant. Christians have facilitated this assessment by allowing the secular world to define the church by its worst moments, and by largely forfeiting reason and science to secularism, betraying the abundantly rich intellectual tradition of the historic church.

44 Why Biologists Tend to Make Bad Ethicists
by Clinton Wilcox
Philosophical Apologetics: Since science is now seen as the final arbiter of human knowledge, scientists speak authoritatively on issues for which they have no particular training. They often confuse the abortion issue by making imprecise statements, such as conflating the scientific and philosophical senses of the word “life.” Pro-life advocates should be prepared to point this out.

52 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Diana Butler Bass’s Grounded: Finding God in the World—a Spiritual RevolutionRob Brotherton’s Suspicious MindsA Summary Critique: Peter Singer’s The Most Good You Can Do


Praying with All the Saints

60 Postmodern Realities
He Said What? Suffering Personal Evil for Good

62 Ask Hank
Does Its Condemnation of Homosexuality Demonstrate That the Bible Is Antiquated?