Volume 34:Issue 2

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04 From the Editor
Let’s Resurrect the Response Page!

06 Effective Evangelism
Reincarnation: Lifetimes for Enlightenment?

08 Practical Hermeneutics
Jesus: The “Begotten” of the Father

10Literary Apologetics: The Legacy of G. K. Chesterton and Dorothy Sayers
by Louis A. Markos
Cultural Apologetics: Perhaps apologetics is most powerful when reason is fused with imagination. Much can be learned from authors who excelled at this art; not only C. S. Lewis but also G. K. Chesterton, who influenced Lewis, and Dorothy Sayers, who was Lewis’s friend

18Cherry-Picking the Commandments: The Seventh-day Sabbath, the Mosaic Law, and Evangelical Inconsistency
by Scott Klusendorf
Doctrinal Discernment: Evangelicals who engage Seventh-day Adventists on the question of Sabbath observance are stepping into a minefield if they don’t first clarify the nature of the Mosaic law and its relationship to Christians today. A feature-length Viewpoint piece

26 Problems with the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon
by Bill McKeever
Today’s Religious Movements: The story of how the angel Moroni led Joseph Smith, Jr., to the golden plates from which Smith translated the Book of Mormon is foundational to Mormon faith. The narrative stretches credulity at several points, however, leading some Latter-day Saints to challenge those details in order to make the account sound more credible

34 Between Radical Freedom and Total Determinism: A Christian View of Human Nature
by John S. Hammett
Philosophical Apologetics: The contemporary movement of transhumanism views human nature as totally free, even to the altering of its very essence; sociobiologists, on the other hand, hold that human behavior is determined and free will is an illusion. To a society torn between such extreme views, the Bible offers a sensible corrective that affirms real freedom within real limits

44The Mesmerizing (Mis)information Maelstrom
by James Patrick Holding
Cultural Discernment: Are you suffering from “information overload” or have you been sharing the gospel with someone who is? This condition breeds uncritical thinking, which then makes one more vulnerable to the unreliable material so readily available on the Internet. The Internet is here to stay, so
Christian apologists must develop coping mechanisms for living in the Information Age

54 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Marcus Borg’s Putting Away Childish Things…Daniel Hannan’s The New Road to Serfdom…Marilynne Robinson’s Absence of Mind…Peter Hitchens’s The Rage against God…William Lane Craig’s On Guard

60 Viewpoint
Can Christians Celebrate the Passover?

62 Ask Hank
What Is Essential Christian Doctrine?