Volume 26/Issue 1

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From the Editor:

And Now, the Bimonthly Christian Research Journal  by Elliot Miller

Feature Articles:

Feng Shui: New Dimensions in Design by Marcia Montenegro

How to Interpret Your Bible Correctly (Part Two) by Thomas A. Howe

Christian Families on the Edge: Authoritarianism and Isolationism among Us by Rachel D. Ramer

Christophobia: Confronting the Problem of Religious Discrimination on Campus by Paul Copan

News Watch:

International Churches of Christ in Upheaval by Gretchen Passantino


Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: The Mythological Jesus Mysteries. Book title: The Jesus Mysteries: Was the “Original Jesus” a Pagan God? By Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy; reviewed by H. Wayne House

The Lost Credibility of Joseph Smith. Video title: The Lost Book of Abraham. Reviewed by Bill McKeever

Neil Anderson’s Alternative Advice. Book title: The Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine by Dr. Neil Anderson and Dr. Michael Jacobson; Reviewed by Robert Velarde

Effective Evangelism:

When Apologetics Was Evangelism by James Patrick Holding


Why Christians Should Examine All the Wares in the Marketplace of Ideas by Robert A. Harris