Volume 25/Issue 4

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From the Editor:

Practical Hermeneutics: Introducing a New Journal Department by Elliot Miller

Feature Articles:

Shamanism: Eden or Evil? by Mark Andrew Ritchie

Examining Muslim Apologetics (Part Two): Unusual Attacks on the Trinity by James White

Intelligent Design in the Schools: Is It Constitutional? by Francis J. Beckwith

How to Interpret Your Bible Correctly (Part One) by Thomas A. Howe


Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: Caroline Myss and the New Age Contract. Book title: Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss; reviewed by Kate Maver

Did We Miss the End? Book title: The End of All Things: A Defense of the Future by C. Jonathin Seraiah; reviewed by Bob Passantino

Effective Evangelism:

Jesus and Buddha: Two Masters or One? by Douglas Groothuis


Armchair Apologetics by Eric Brook