Volume 43:Issue 3 

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04  (From the President)

Equipping You to Exercise Truth and Experience Life

06 Why Do Parents of Gay Children Change Their Theological Minds?

by Matthew M. Kennedy

Ethical Discernment: The Gospel of Self — not biblical interpretation — increasingly drives the radical departures of Christian parents, including scholars and leaders, from the classical Christian view of human sexuality. Christians must look to divine revelation to assess the self rather than to the self as a mode of divine revelation.

12 Moral Heresy: Is There Such a Thing?

by Fr. John Whiteford

Theological Discernment: Many today claim there is a distinction between the moral teachings of the church and the dogmas of the faith, and that while the dogmas are unchangeable, the moral teachings are subject to revision based on changing social norms. But what do Scripture and the Tradition of the historical church say?

18 Facing the Abyss: Scientific Materialism and the Origin of Life Problem

by Melissa Cain Travis

Scientific Apologetics/Philosophical Apologetics: In their popular level scientific materialist manifestos, physicists Brian Greene and Sean Carroll proffer an unwavering faith that intelligent agency is unnecessary for a solution to the biological information enigma. Is such faith warranted?

24 Black Lives Matter Inside the Womb and Out

by Aaron Turner Jr.

Ethical Apologetics (Viewpoint):  If black lives truly matter in this country, they must matter where they are most at risk. The most dangerous place to be black in America is not in a car pulled over by a police officer; nor is it in the “hood” of some major American city.

30 Humanity’s Ascension: Assessing the History Channel’s New Age, Time Travel Guru David Wilcock 

by Lindsey Medenwaldt

Today’s Religious Movement

New Age spiritual leader and New York Times bestseller David Wilcock subscribes to many conspiracies, from time travel to benevolent extraterrestrials on earth. He also believes he’s the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and that he’s serving humankind by preparing us for a mass evolutionary event. How should Christians respond?

34  God and Our Ignorance

by Douglas Groothuis

Philosophical Apologetics:  Contrary to popular thinking, Christianity is a “knowledge tradition” and calls people to knowledge of God, themselves, and the gospel. This also means, paradoxically, that we ought to know what it is that we cannot possibly know and how we should orient ourselves to our not-knowing under God.

38  Planting Seeds of Faith: Making the Christian Story Plausible and Desirable to Generation Z

by Kyle Keating

Cultural Discernment (Effective Evangelism): Gen Z is more likely to be spiritually and biblically illiterate and less confident about humanity’s ability to know the truth with reasonable certainty than any previous generation. To demonstrate the plausibility and desirability of the Christian story to Gen Z, we need to plant seeds of faith that are rooted, relevant, resilient, and relational.

42    Postmodern Realities

Star Trek’s Christopher Pike: An Old- Fashioned Hero for Our Cynical Time


44 Ask Hank

What Is Eastern Orthodoxy?