Volume 42:Issue 1

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04 From the Editor 

06 Response

08 Effective Evangelism
Offering Pearls to Pigs and Dogs

10 Practical Hermeneutics
Does Galatians 5:19–21 Forbid the Use of Medicine?

12 History’s Bloody Mess: Why Marxism (and Socialism) Always Fails
by Jay W. Richards
Philosophical  Apologetics Marxism, rebranded as socialism today, is making a comeback, and in the politics of the progressive left, the makeover is complete. But Marx’s theory suffers same malady as every materialistic theory: it contradicts the existence of the theorist. Here’s how it works and what you should know.

18 Caught Looking: Hitchcock’s Films in the Age of Instagram
by Philip Tallon
Cultural Apologetics : Again and again, in his films Hitchcock reminds the viewer that we aren’t detached observers.
he viewer is implicated. Though Hitchcock’s comments suggest a sort of mild immoralism in his work, his point is highly relevant for a healthy understanding of art and our relationship to it. Through his films, we can look at ourselves.

24 What’s the Problem with Conversion Therapy?
by Joe Dallas
Ethical Apologetics: The problem with same-sex attraction “Conversion Therapy” is the way it is defined and presented — sometimes inaccurately, sometimes dishonestly. And, like other forms of counseling, some of its practitioners have erred grievously. But that hardly calls for an end to sound versions of the practice itself.

30 Athanasius: A C. S. Lewis of the Early Church
by Bradley Nassif
Historical/Philosophical Theology (Philosophers Series): Among the greatest Fathers in all of church history, Athanasius was a kerygmatic (“gospel-preaching”) theologian. Cast more in the vocabulary of narrative than abstract theological text, his theology persuasively defended the full deity of the Son of God (and the Holy Spirit) against the heresies of Arius.

34 Making a Case for the Historicity of Moses
by Mark D. Janzen
Historical Apologetics: The details of Moses’s life as recorded in the Pentateuch fit well with what we know generally about ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian history and practice, particularly during the second millennium BC. Despite modern skeptical criticism, Christians have good reasons to affirm that the biblical Moses was indeed a figure of history.

42  Postmodern Realities
Should Christians Participate in Boycotts?

44  Viewpoint
Honoring Dishonorable Parents

46  Ask Hank
Should Married Couples Ever Practice Sexual Abstinence?