Volume 34:Issue 4

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04 From the Editor
Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth

06 Effective Evangelism
The Mormon View of Salvation: A Gospel That Is Truly Impossible

08 Practical Hermeneutics
What Is the Unpardonable Sin?

10 Typological Fulfillment: The Key to Messianic Prophecy
by Hank Hanegraaff
Biblical Apologetics: A common objection to Christianity is that the New Testament takes Old Testament prophecies out of context to apply them to Jesus Christ. While many Christians have stumbled over this objection, the answer lies squarely in understanding the role of typological prophecy in the Bible

22 Sex, Lies, and Secularism
by Nancy Pearcey
Cultural/Ethical Discernment: At a time when even Christian young people are “hooking up,” traditional ways of teaching biblical morality are no longer effective. Young people don’t need simple rules: they need reasons to make sense of the rules; that is, they need to be taught the worldview rationale for biblical morality

28 What The Walking Dead Can Teach Pro-Lifers
by Scott Klusendorf
Ethical Apologetics: The season finale of The Walking Dead raised an important question: Are humans nothing more than their physical brains? If so, then belief in personal identity, rational freedom, and human equality must fall along with belief in a nonphysical soul

34Old Earth Creationism and the Fall: A Summary of The End of Christianity
by William A. Dembski
Doctrinal Discernment/Scientific Apologetics: The evidence of science and Scripture combined forced William Dembski into a dilemma: how can the effect of sin (natural evil, including the death of animals) temporally precede its cause (human sin)? In his book The End of Christianity Dembski offered a solution, which he summarizes for us here in a feature-length Viewpoint

44Love Wins: Making a Contradictory Case for Universalism
by Douglas Groothuis
Doctrinal Discernment: Hailed as either an enfant terrible or as on the leading edge of evangelicalism, pastor and author Rob Bell is a phenomenon hard to avoid. His recent book, Love Wins, has propelled Bell to a new level of notoriety: is he a universalist? A feature-length Summary Critique

56 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Sam Harris’s The Moral Landscape…The Tree of Life (directed by Terrence Malick)…Todd Burpo’s Heaven Is for Real…Philip Goldberg’s American Veda

62 Ask Hank
Genuine Prophecy or Just History Written after the Fact?