Seemingly no topic is off limits when it comes to Anne Kennedy—a prolific author who has compiled a comprehensive catalogue of the cultural issues facing our world today through her contributions to the Christian Research Journal. She joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the topics of several of her articles in a wide-ranging conversation that touches on gaslighting, Black Lives Matter, modern attacks on womanhood, cancel culture and much more.

Topics discussed include: On leaving the Episcopal church (2:45); growing up in West Africa as a missionary kid (6:30); making the decision to homeschool (10:40); the Revoice 2021 Conference (13:05); is manifesting The Secret 2.0? (16:45); the value of reading and New Year’s Resolutions (19:15); different views on time in different cultures (25:05); the rising influence of African Traditional religion in the West (28:00); the appeal of the prosperity gospel in Africa (30:30); the dangerous religious beliefs behind the Black Lives Matter organization (32:45); a proper Christian perspective on animals (34:40); what is gaslighting? (39:05); twisting the truth and why gaslighting is essentially lying (42:15); the changing meanings of words today (45:00); defending the patriarchy (48:05); a proper Christian understanding of wellness and self-care (52:15); The Making of Biblical Womanhood, the subjugation of women and Beth Allison Barr (54:45); the modern attack on womanhood (1:01:30); what is cancel culture? (1:03:30); the unique opportunity that cancel culture presents for evangelism (1:07:15); should we call out false teachers by name? (1:11:00); virtue has become less important than fame (1:13:10); what Brene Brown gets wrong about shame (1:14:30); why Anne Kennedy believes that Jen Hatmaker and Rachel Held Evans are two of the most significant apostasies of our time (1:20:35).

To make sure to always be able to read Anne Kennedy’s print and online-exclusive articles, please subscribe to the print Journal here and early access to online-exclusives is included. Please see below for  the articles discussed:

African Traditional Religion, Black Lives Matter, and Prosperity Gospel

Meditation Upon the Death of a Pet

For Our Lamps are Going Out: Gaslighting in the Age of Social Media

There is No Health In Us: Wellness and Self-care in the Age of COVID-19

Be Free! The Making of Biblical Womanhood A Summary Critique of The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth by Beth Allison Barr

Naming Names: Why It’s OK (and Necessary) to Call Out False Teachers and Fugitives from Church Justice by Name

Why Do I Call Myself Good? A Look at Virtue Signaling

But What If It Is Me? The Work and Worldview of Brené Brown

The Unhindered Leadership of Jen Hatmaker

The Theological Mess in the Moxie of Jen Hatmaker

Have You Considered Trying Harder: The Theology of Rachel Hollis

The Theological Legacy of Rachel Held Evans


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