Giving Tuesday

Thank you  for your role in equipping Christians around the world to stand for life and truth!

Your partnership is vital in all that CRI does and we deeply appreciate your support!



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Today is Giving Tuesday. And for many of us it’s an opportunity to be a blessing to organizations making a real difference in our world.

For followers of Jesus Christ, it’s also an opportunity to equip fellow believers around the globe to “fight the good fight” by partnering with CRI.

Your gift today can help to:

  • Bring you the Bible Answer Man broadcasts, Hank Unplugged, and other podcasts you rely on through radio, the web, and social media.
  • Keep you informed of the latest spiritual fads, gospel distortions, and attacks on Christianity so you’re always equipped to respond knowledgeably should the need arise.
  • Produce books, flipcharts, and other relevant resources that equip you with a biblical response to cults and cultural trends.
  • Publish and distribute the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL and provide in-depth resources covering today’s most crucial issues.
  • Reach multitudes globally with the gospel and sound biblical teaching, defending our faith on the air, online, and through social media.

Your partnership is vital in all that CRI does and I deeply appreciate your support.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us …because Life and Truth matter!