Dr. Gary Habermas has dedicated his life to the study and defense of the Resurrection because it is without a doubt the seminal event in history and the foundation of Christianity—simply put, without the Resurrection Christian belief crumbles. (Note: This conversation took place in March 2018 as Hank was in the midst of his battle with cancer—Thanks be to God, Hank is now cancer free).  

Topics discussed include: How studying the Resurrection led Dr. Habermas into apologetics (3:15); empirical evidence for Christianity compared to other religions (8:30); perspectives on the supernatural in academic circles (11:00); the Resurrection, Jesus Seminar, and the Pre-Pauline Creed (14:45); evidence of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (18:45); Islamic denial of the crucifixion of Christ (21:15); evidence of an empty tomb after the Resurrection of Christ (27:25); witnesses to the Resurrection and the martyrdom that ensued (30:35); the faith and martyrdom of early church fathers such as Polycarp and Irenaeus (36:10); the sorrow Habermas felt losing his wife to cancer and the hope he felt knowing that she was in heaven (40:30); the peace that the Resurrection of Christ provides Hank in the midst of his battle with cancer (47:00); the argument from joy by C. S. Lewis (54:30); a miracle in Hank’s life and the role of miracles in Christianity (59:00); rewards in heaven (1:04:15); world religions, the reliability of Scripture and the radical uniqueness of Jesus (1:06:30); do all religions lead to God? (1:10:10); is Christianity is rooted in history and evidence? (1:14:20); why should we believe in miracles? (1:22:30); Christianity corresponds to reality (1:25:00); why aren’t more Christians sharing their faith? (1:28:15); why Hank considers his first year fighting cancer as the best year of his life (1:36:45); how cancer has brought the Hanegraaff family closer together and closer to Christ (1:42:50); how suffering through cancer has made Hank more empathetic (1:47:15); Gary Habermas describes watching his wife die of cancer (1:53:00); why the best year of Hank’s life is the year he was diagnosed with cancer (1:58:50); Habermas on a magnum opus on the Resurrection (2:00:30). 

For further resources on the resurrection, see our April 2021 Monthly Resources by clicking here and additional resources at our Defending the Resurrection resource page, which includes Gary Habermas’s book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus with Michael Licona by clicking here

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