Leave a Legacy

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

You may be thinking, “Estate planning is for rich folks, and I’m not one!” Or, “I’m too young to think about that!” But, have you considered that resources such as the equity in your home, life insurance, and retirement plans will need to be steward ed after you leave this earth — whenever that is? PhilanthroCorp can help you identify this unknown treasure and create a plan to ensure it is transferred to the best next steward for greater impact for your family and the kingdom for generations to come.

Christian Research Institute has partnered with PhilanthroCorp to provide formal estate planning year-round for our supporters at no cost to them. The process begins by conducting a phone interview, where PhilanthroCorp asks questions to learn your story, including your wishes and hopes for future generations. PhilanthroCorp then provides tools that can guide you to legacy decisions within the privacy of your home. Based on those decisions, PhilanthroCorp will design a plan that can be easily implemented by your advisors, or by an attorney in their network at reduced rates. This is a free service, and there is no obligation to you.

PhilanthroCorp will help you discern the important relationships and resources you have and recommend the tools that are most effective to ensure your family is cared for and that you leave the legacy you desire.

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