We’ve seen how Jesus revealed Himself to be God by His verbal claims. Let’s now look at His actions, which clearly prove that He truly was who He claimed to be.

Though Jesus spoke with the authority of God, His actions hammered home this truth with even greater impact. Turning to John chapter five, we find Jesus being criticized for healing an invalid during the Sabbath (John 5:16-18), a sacred day set aside from all work to commemorate God’s act of creation. Now Jesus justified His actions reasoning that God the Father was also at work, even on the Sabbath day, thereby claiming for Himself a prerogative reserved solely for God. Only if Jesus is God can we say that He in no wise violated God’s law regarding the Sabbath.

In another instance Jesus forgave the sins of a paralytic man — to which the “teachers of the law” rightly asked, “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” Jesus answered by reemphasizing His authority to forgive sins, and then proved it by healing the man (Mark 2:1-12; cf. Matt. 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26). Jesus again claimed for Himself a prerogative reserved solely for God. Only if Jesus is God could He have actually forgiven sins the way He did.

Moreover, numerous individuals worshiped Jesus Christ (Matt. 2:11; 14:33; Luke 24:52). Considering the stern commands given by God to worship Him alone, we might conclude that Jesus attempted to correct such “misdirected” worship. But, no! We find, instead, Jesus openly welcoming people’s praises — praises belonging exclusively to God.

Where do we go to from here? Well, as one Christian scholar put it: “You can shut [Jesus] up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God,” (John 20:28-29.). You can’t, however, deny that Jesus claimed to be God. He has not left that option open to us. The real question is, “Whose words are you going to trust — Jesus’ or the cults?” Decide wisely, your destiny depends on it.

On Christ’s claim to be God, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.


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