WHAT ARE UFOS- Introduction
Are flying saucers and little green men merely the products of imaginative writers working to create bestsellers and hit films? Or is there something more to UFOs?

WHAT ARE UFOS- The General Belief
A recent Gallup poll determined that by 1987 half of all Americans believed in the existence of UFOs. And with the onslaught of the New Age movement, it’s almost certain that we’ll hear more about extraterrestrials outfitted with high-tech gear.

WHAT ARE UFOS- Hard Evidence?
With such a large number of UFO devotees, there must surely be an abundance of UFO “nuts and bolts” compiled and catalogued for viewing and study, right? Not so. The fact is that hard evidence — that is, indisputable photographs of parts of alien spacecraft — continues to elude every serious UFO investigation. Does this mean that all sightings and encounters are therefore hoaxes or hallucinations?

WHAT ARE UFOS- Explaining 20%
While at least 80% of all reports can readily be attributed to natural causes, there remains a significant percentage that demands some kind of explanation. Couple the alleged abilities of UFOs to defy physical laws — such as instantaneously appearing and disappearing, changing shape, and executing 90-degree turns at tremendous speeds — with their anti-Christian revelations, and a sinister image begins to take shape.

WHAT ARE UFOS- Alien Communiques
In practically every instance of communication with so-called aliens, the same message is echoed time and time again: Mankind must accelerate its technological and spiritual evolution to avert global catastrophe. And to help bail us out of the mess we’ve created are our erstwhile “friends” from outer space. In other words, these creatures claim to have the solutions for all our problems.

WHAT ARE UFOS- The Prophets of the “Stellar Saviors”
Now, just who have these “stellar saviors” chosen as prophets to help proclaim their gospel which, incidentally, leaves out God? They’ve elected none other than New Agers and other occultists! And if these individuals have indeed established contact, we can be sure that they are communicating with beings from another world — beings from the world of the demonic. On UFOs, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.

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