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Episode 046: “In Search of the Sacred: Evangelicals on a Quest and Why It Matters” (Volume 40 #3, 2017) with Arthur W. Hunt III

“Young Christians hanker for mystery and meaning in a world that has become progressively disenchanted over the past five hundred years. Philosopher Charles Taylor begins his much discussed tome A Secular Age by asking this question: “Why was it virtually impossible not to believe in God in, say, 1500 in our Western society, while in 2000 many of us find this not only easy, but even inescapable?” Premodern Christians lived in a world of spirits, demons, and moral forces. Because the liberal democratic project has reduced belief in God to a personal matter, no longer allowing the Creator to play a role in public policy, the official stance on the Divine Being is now identical to that of John Lennon’s atheism: “Imagine there’s no heaven….No hell below us. Above us only sky.” If the cultural and political environments in which we swim shape us to any extent, then we are, for practical purposes, all devoted materialists.”

This JOURNAL author conversation is a discussion with author Arthur W. Hunt III about his article “In Search of the Sacred: Evangelicals on a Quest and Why It Matters.”

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