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Episode 082: Pros and Cons of Labels

“A recent trend, which gained traction with a piece released by Planned Parenthood a handful of years ago (“Moving Beyond Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Labels, You’re ‘Not in Her Shoes’”), is attempting to do just that. There is a growing desire that the terms pro-choice and pro-life be abolished because they do not adequately express feelings about abortion. Most people “just don’t want to be labeled,” proponents claim. They may very well be on to something, but they’re taking things too far…Simply put, labels come with pros and cons. Some labels are associated automatically with stereotypical meanings, which can be exacerbated further by any number of factors that influence individuals — culture, education, loyalties, circumstances, media. When labels are thrown out haphazardly, they oftentimes unfairly corral others into groups according to the audience’s perception… It may be that the call for abolishing the label pro-choice comes from the fact that many identify themselves as personally pro-life, while others label them pro-choice. These individuals play the moral relativism card by reducing moral truth to mere personal preference.”

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with JOURNAL author Megan Almon about her 2018 Volume 41, No. 3 Viewpoint article article, “What’s in a Name? A Growing Trend to Abolish the Labels Pro-choice and Pro-life.” To read her opinion piece, please subscribe to the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL below.

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