“If the Great Commission tells us anything, it tells us that the mission to make disciples doesn’t rely on ministry ‘professionals.’ The very notion of a distinction between secular work and ‘full-time ministry’ would have been incoherent to the original apostles (‘sent out ones’), especially Paul, a tentmaker whose greatest recorded evangelistic success began in the Athenian agora, a sprawling marketplace for worldly goods, that he infiltrated with the power of Christian ideas. The truth is that if you call yourself a Christian, you are, by default, engaged in full-time ministry, and one aspect of that identity entails a commitment to share the good news — to incorporate the title of evangelist into our full-time job descriptions no matter where we work. The message of the gospel is so comprehensive it can fight its way out of the arguments of an atheist and into the heart of someone who already claims to know it but has substituted his own pride and vanity for confidence in Christ. The gospel can challenge cultural assumptions, answer questions no other worldview can answer, and it reaches to the end of the Earth — a place all of us should be able to see from our office window.”

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with JOURNAL author Bob Perry about his Christian Research Journal Effective Evangelism article “Taking Jesus to Work.”

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