Words have meaning, but culture can impact word meaning and connotation. In an increasingly post-truth and relativistic society, words can mean anything we feel like they should mean, with seemingly no consequence and virtual acceptance of whatever meaning we choose.

Today, caution is needed concerning how hijacking a word’s definition can marginalize others, especially faith communities, recognizing that we, as Christians, play a significant role in how words are used and perceived. Christians should evaluate post-truth terms and compare them with what those words meant in a Judeo-Christian-influenced semantic universe; use discernment; accurately discuss distortions, faithfully working toward an authentic biblical mission; use opportunities to advance biblical influence; and pray that God gives us wisdom about the true meaning and value of the Logos.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with D.K. Matthews, author of the cover article of the Volume 43, No. 1 issue of the Christian Research Journal, “Seduced? The Crisis of Word and the Fragmentation of Civilization.”

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