The Word Crisis: That Threatens to Undo Western Civilization

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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • Seduced? The Crisis of Word and the Fragmentation of Civilization
  • Faithful Living Through COVID-19
  • Irenaeus and Christian Orthodoxy
  • “Winning” the Fight for Religious Freedom
  • Second-Rate Musician: Vocation and Performance in T. S. Eliot’s The Confidential Clerk
  • The Beauty of Worship: Aesthetics and Truth
  • Atheism and the Burden of Proof
  • OK, Boomer: Time to Declare a Truce in the Generational Wars

Interested in DK Matthews’ book, Seduced?: Shameless Spin, Weaponized Words, Polarization, Tribalism, and the Impending Disintegration of Faith and Culture please click here.