Matthew Kennedy writes in his article, “It is difficult to find a professing Christian leader who has relinquished the classical Christian position on sexuality on purely exegetical grounds. The most popular voices in the less academic evangelical realm who claim to have changed their minds–Matthew Vines, Justin Lee, and Jen Hatmaker–are either gay or are very close to someone who is. The readiness with which these high-profile Christians abandon their former convictions in light of personal experiences suggests that they had, perhaps unknowingly, already adopted a worldview that undermines the classical Christian understanding of human nature and the relationship between God’s law and the human heart. During the sexuality conflict in the Episcopal Church, a common question, thought to be a piercing one by progressives, was: what if one of your children turns out to be gay? I was confused the first time someone asked me that. The revelation that a child of mine might have sinful sexual predispositions would be about as shocking to me as the discovery that my children sometimes tell lies. But when my child lies, I do not change my mind about lying. Likewise, one of my children may one day “come out” but that would not change my mind about human sexuality. For the Christian, the purpose of life is to be conformed to Christ who is the Truth.”

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Matt Kennedy about his cover article, in the 43:3 issue of the Journal entitled, “Why Do The Parents of Gay Children Change Their Theological Minds?”

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