To date, nearly 2.9 million people have died worldwide in the Covid-19 pandemic. The global economy struggled while nations enacted stay-at-home orders, and our politics fractured under the weight of heated disagreements. Illness, travel restrictions, and protective hospital protocols separated loved ones in the time we needed each other the most. Reports of depression and suicide dramatically increased among the younger members of the population, and no one’s life remained untouched. This collective loss drove a massive effort by the United States government to create a program called Operation Warp Speed for the speedy development and manufacturing of vaccines for COVID-19. Within a year, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson all developed vaccines capable of providing protection from the most severe symptoms of Covid-19, welcome news for members of communities disproportionately impacted including the elderly, those living with underlying medical conditions, and certain minority communities. As the promise of vaccines generated new hope, a concern arose. All four approved vaccines used human fetal cells acquired through induced abortion somewhere in the development process.

Can we trust the vaccines are safe given the rush to produce them? Are these vaccines safe? Did the production of the four Covid-19 vaccines include human fetal cells derived from elective abortions? Does taking the vaccine cooperate with evil? Does taking COVID vaccines appropriation rather than cooperation, enjoying the benefits from an act of moral evil while being negatively transformed through the omission of protests? This is a deep dive conversation about bioethics issues and the COIVD vaccine with writer Jay Watts.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Jay Watts about his online-exclusive viewpoint article, “Is it Ethical for Pro-Life Christians to Receive Covid-19 Vaccines?”. 

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