In the New York Times (NYT) opinion piece, “Miscarriages Are Awful, and Abortion Politics Make Them Worse,” abortion rights advocates Amanda Allen and Cari Siestra make the case that politically motivated abortion laws deny women facing miscarriages the best possible care.1 Both authors share tragic personal experiences with miscarriage and how their dread of walking through abortion opponents protesting Planned Parenthood clinics led them to forgo surgical options. Both authors contend the ideal option was forbidden for reasons that have nothing to do with medical care. The drug mifepristone is commonly referred to as RU-486, and in cooperation with misoprostol, it is the exact same drug combination currently used to facilitate abortion in most early pregnancies in the United States. The authors contend these policies place women facing a tragedy in the crosshairs of a battle unrelated to their circumstances. Rather than equipping women with the most effective means to expel the lifeless contents of their uterus, these women are sent home with only misoprostol. The result is a higher risk process of expulsion that will be more painful, last longer, and carry a greater risk of needing further medical attention. If anyone deserves the best care possible, it is women and families facing miscarriage. They deserve better than to have their suffering increased due to intrusive laws. This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Jay Watts unpack their arguments through a biblical pro-life lens and  about his online-exclusive article, “Do Abortion Politics Hurt Women Enduring Miscarriage?” 

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