Most universities today are swiftly accommodating themselves to an increasingly radicalized postmodern worldview. American colleges and universities— a disturbing number of which claim to be Christian —have abdicated their responsibility to train students in virtue and to measure what they teach against cultural standards of goodness, truth, and beauty. But it’s not all doom and gloom—there is hope. Christian college-bound students need to keep their eyes fixed on their true and secure citizenship in the Kingdom of God and forearm themselves against the philosophical presuppositions and political agendas that undergird much of higher education today. The Christian students who keep their eyes fixed on the true wisdom that is from above can survive and do thrive in the university. This episode is a discussion of some of the dos and don’ts to forearm the college-bound student.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Louis Markos about his Viewpoint article, “Seven or So Exhortations to College-Bound Students” in the  45:2-3 (Fall 2022) edition of the Christian Research Journal. 

Normally their is an extended window on articles in print being available on our Website; however as student prepare for college acceptance letters to be arriving soon for Fall 2023, we made an exception in an effort to equip student and parents as they prepare for this next stage in their lives.

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