Volume 45:Issue 2/3

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04 The Imprudence of “Solo Scriptura”

by Hank Hanegraaff

Doctrinal Discernment/Historical Theology (From the President): Iconic Christian philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig suggests that nothing in Scripture teaches that “we inherit a corrupted human nature from Adam.” While he rightly rejects the notion of inherited guilt, his denial of original (ancestral) sin stands against the patristic consensus and Scripture rightly understood.

08   #Witchtok — Sorcery at Your Fingertips: Why the Trend Is Harmful and How to Respond

Effective Evangelism

by  Lindsey Medenwaldt

10 A More Unconditional Love: Modern Iterations of Platonic Marriage

by Anne Kennedy

Cultural and Ethical Discernment: About as old as the romantic kind, Platonic marriage was recently rediscovered as a radical, even courageous choice in the era of same-sex marriage. For most of the people today who choose this lifestyle, the marriage bond is deftly detached from the sexual and romantic one. Sex belongs outside the covenant. Wait, what?

16 Marriage Is about the Gospel: Clarifying the Boundaries of Christian Orthodoxy

by Matthew M. Kennedy

Doctrinal and Theological Discernment: Christian orthodoxy means submitting heart and mind not just to the creedal formulas but to the fullness of biblical revelation, moral proscriptions included. Does that mean, then, that those who profess Christian faith but affirm sexual relationships outside of traditional marriage should not be recognized as brothers and sisters in Christ?

24 The End of Roe and the Beginning of a New Fight

by Jay Watts

Ethical Apologetics/Cultural Discernment: The 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade (1973) does not strip women across America of a right to abortion. Instead, it shows that no such constitutional right ever existed. The decision now permits states to decide on the issue. More than ever, Christians can and must impact our local communities and actively work to create a more life-affirming culture.

32  Why Youth are Walking Away from Biblical Sexuality, and What Parents Can Do about It

by Amy Davison

Cultural Discernment/Christian Living: The goal of progressive sexuality is not just about getting Christian teens to have sex; it is about destroying the biblical worldview, warping sexual appetites, and laying a false claim to their identity. Christian teens need to understand sex for what it truly is: not as an act between bodies, but as an expression of the entire biblical worldview.

36 Defining the Meaning of Woman (Review of Matt Walsh’s Documentary Film and Book, What Is a Woman?)

by Douglas Groothuis

Cultural Discernment/Ethical Apologetics (Review): The definition of “woman” has become controversial because common sense and simple logic have been abandoned. The culprit is gender ideology, which normalizes sexual deviancy and advances a false distinction between biological sex and socially-constructed gender. Walsh probes for real answers to his questions using truth, logic, and evidence.

42 Can Science and Technology Save Us? The False Gospel of Transhumanism

by Fazale “Fuz” Rana

Scientific and Philosophical Apologetics/Cultural Discernment: Transhumanists desire to create a utopia of their own design through science and technology. Though clothed in technical language, a strong religious undercurrent buoys this deceptive philosophical movement. As societies around the world become increasingly secular, transhumanism represents an eschatological source of hope, purpose, and destiny — an alluring competitor to the gospel.

48 Moving by Staying Put: Christian Pilgrimage in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead

by Stephen Mitchell

Cultural Apologetics: St. Augustine contends that the true pilgrimage is one of inner transformation: “[we do] not approach God by moving across intervals of place, but by likeness or similarity.” Precisely because the life of Gilead’s protagonist develops within narrow geographic boundaries, he achieves growth by attentiveness: to books, Scripture, self, place, and people, rooted in a spiritual reality that causes the world to flash with light and beauty.

54  Can a B.A. in Liberal Studies Get Me a Job? 

by John Mark Reynolds

Christian Growth/Cultural Discernment (Viewpoint): The institution of college grew out of a Christian desire to seek goodness, truth, and beauty. Turns out, the liberal arts major is set up in a strong practical position, too, having honed three perennially marketable skills: reading well, writing well, and thinking well. Most importantly, a Christ-shaped liberal arts education makes a person penitent and prepared for Paradise with the tools of eternal learning.

59  How to Choose a Liberal Arts College

by Jay W. Richards

60    Seven or So Exhortations to College-bound Students in a Postmodern World


by Louis Markos

60 One Must Be “Born of Water and the Spirit

Ask Hank

 by Hank Hanegraaff