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  • CRI November 2020 Resource

    In an age of rampant and often blind consumerism, where our treasure is and what we do with our
    resources matter — eternally. Please send the items listed below to continue CRI’s vital work of equipping fellow believers to think and live Christianly and to deeply understand what constitutes true wealth.

  • CRI October 2020 Resource

    Dear Hank: This election is likely to have momentous consequences and our votes matter. What also matters is our ability as Christian citizens to intelligently counter the growing secular assaults on our freedoms.


  • CRI October 2021 Resource

    Yes, Hank!  We simply cannot yield and passively raise a white flag of surrender to the mounting assaults on reality, common sense, and decency. If there was ever a time to be sober, think clearly, and speak out courageously, this is it! Please send me the selected items below to continue standing fast against the dangerous attacks on sanity.

    Please see the description section below for book descriptions and A PERSONAL NOTE AND PRAYER REQUEST FROM HANK.