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  • B1052

    God and Evolution

    $ 24.95

    Editor & Contributing Author: Jay W. Richards
    Pages: 388
    Format: Softcover

  • B2000

    God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life

    $ 15.99

    Author: Gene Edward Veith Jr.
    Publisher: Crossway
    Format: Softcover
    Pages: 176
    Audience: General

  • B1081

    God’s Design for Sex

    $ 14.99

    God’s Design for Sex presents the best articles from CRI’s CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL concerning a biblical view of human sexuality—topics include sexuality within marriage, same-sex marriage, “gay Christian” and gay rights movement arguments, the young adult “hook-up culture,” pornography, solo sex, and other critical matters.

  • B2017

    God’s Crime Scene

    $ 17.99

    With the expertise of a cold-case detective, Wallace examines eight critical pieces of evidence in the “crimes scene” of the universe to determine if they point to a Divine Intruder. If readers have ever wondered whether something (or someone) outside the natural realm created the universe and everything in it, this is the case for them.

  • B2014

    God’s Double Agent

    $ 14.99

    Bob Fu is indeed God's double agent. By day Fu worked as a full-time lecturer in a communist school; by night he pastored a house church and led an underground Bible school. This can't-put-it-down book chronicles Fu's conversion to Christianity, his arrest and imprisonment for starting an illegal house church, his harrowing escape, and his subsequent rise to prominence in the United States as an advocate for his brethren.

  • pk1000

    Greatest Apologetic Issues Answered in Hank Hanegraaff’s Trilogy

    This package contains all three of Hank Hanegraaff's books written to address the three greatest apologetics issues.

    Package consists of:

    • Has God Spoken, hardcover, 382 pages
    • Resurrection, softcover, 282 pages
    • The FACE That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution, softcover, 238 pages,
    • The issue of the Christian Research Journal containing Hank Hanegraaff's article on Has God Spoken?

  • B1060

    Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment

    $ 16.99

    Author: Robert A. Peterson
    Publisher: P & R Publishing
    Pages: 272
    Format: Softcover
    Audience: General Non-Fiction

  • B1062

    Hell Under Fire

    $ 19.99

    Title: Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment
    Author: Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson, eds.
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Pages: 256
    Format: Hardcover
    Audience: General Non-Fiction

  • B1070

    How Long, O Lord?

    $ 22.99

    Author: D. A. Carson
    Publisher: Baker Academic
    Format: Softcover
    Pages: 240
    Audience: General

  • b2031

    How to Be an Atheist

    $ 18.99

    Author: Mitch Stokes
    Publisher: Crossway
    Format: Softcover
    Pages: 256
    Audience: General