The 10 Commandments of Marriage: The Do’s and Don’ts for a Lifelong Covenant

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240 pages

Author: Ed Young
Publisher: Moody Press
Paperback Book
Audience: Married

Topic: Christian Living

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Lessons in Lasting Relationships from the Bible’s Most Notable Married Couples. What makes a marriage wonderful? Do the lives of the Bible’s married couples hold keys to cultivating a love that will last a lifetime? In The Ten Commandments of Marriage, Dr. Ed Young shares the “thou shalts” and the “thou shalt nots” of successful relationships – straight from the pages of God’s Word. Long-married couples will find love-building precepts that will revive a failing marriage and make a great relationship even better. Soon-to-be-marrieds will discover what marriage is all about, and gain priceless insights into starting on solid ground. If spouses honestly answered the question, “What is it like being married to me?”, marriages would be on their way to healing, health, and happiness. It’s not a cure-all, but Ed Young believes it is an excellent tool for helping couples enhance their marriage and deepen their intimacy.

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