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Format: 3 CDs
Running time: Unabridged – 3 hours

In The Creation Answer Book, renowned Bible scholar Hank Hanegraaff brings to life the answers God has revealed about His magnificent creation-our universe, light and time, and the Earth and all who inhabit it. The popular Q&A format provides a clear and concise biblical view of the ordering of events through divine authority since the beginning of time. A must-have for Christians who face the argument of evolution and for non-Christians who are searching for truth about our origins. This book will help Christians understand more about creation and God’s plan for our world.

  • Includes answers to frequently asked questions such as:
  • Can the big bang theory be harmonized with Genesis?
  • Is there evidence that humans and dinosaurs walked on the earth together?
  • How serious are the consequences of believing in naturalistic evolution?
  • Can we be certain that evolution is a myth?