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  • CRI August 2019 Resource

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    Dear Hank: Unlike Thomas Aquinas, the end of our labors has not come. Enclosed is my special gift to continue equipping and encouraging Christians around the globe to stand steady and strong in the battle for life and truth.

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    Quoting from a wide range of sources, Hank Hanegraaff makes an impassioned case for calling the church back to her earliest roots in this book that is sure to stir and provoke any reader. “Participation,” “union,” and even the controversial word “deification” have been making a quiet comeback in the wake of more and more calls to broaden our collective understanding of what salvation entails. In this book, Hanegraaff wages a battle on two fronts. On the one hand, he wants to maintain that biblical truth matters. On the other hand, he insists that this truth is neither abstract nor impersonal, but a living truth because it is anchored in the living Christ. As someone passionately interested in recovering the reality of our union with Christ, I hope readers will thoughtfully engage with Hanegraaff’s challenging conclusions.

    —Rankin Wilbourne, Pastor of Pacific Crossroads Church Los Angeles
    and author of Union with Christ and The Cross Before Me

  • CRI April 2020 Resource

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    Yes Hank! We ignore the mounting attacks on religious freedom to our great peril. Please use my  gift to continue equipping fellow believers to stand intelligently, courageously, and graciously against the continuing assaults on our most sacred freedoms. (See further information in  the “description” section below).  Please send me: