Hinduism, TM & Hare Krishna

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In the sixties, Transcendental Meditation, a Hindu-based movement, became fashionable as a way to therapy and psychological well-being — especially after being endorsed by the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Its influence waned, ironically, after the courtsdecided that TM was a religion rather than a form of therapy, as TM had claimed. But its popularity helped open the doors to a wider acceptance of Eastern philosophy and religions in mainstream America. Another Americanized form of Hinduism is Hare Krishna. This volume and the volume on Buddhism in this series together present a comprehensive overview of Eastern religions, their views, and their impact on contemporary North America. This 90 page softbound book contains five sections: -A concise introduction to the group being surveyed -An overview of the group?s theology ? in its own words -Tips for witnessing effectively to members of the group.

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