Mormonism 101, Revised and Expanded Edition

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Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. For those who have wondered in what specific ways Mormonism differs from the Christian faith, Mormonism 101 Revised and Expanded Edition  provides definitive answers, examining the major tenets of Mormon theology and comparing them with orthodox Christian beliefs. Perfect for students of religion and anyone who wants to have answers when Mormons come calling.

“A well-documented yet readable overview of the LDS religion, including discussion of the Mormon concepts of multiple gods, extra scriptures, secret rituals, and the means to attain eternal life.”–Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Ministry

“An immensely helpful book. Bill and Eric have done an enormous amount of research, and they make key beliefs accessible and understandable.”–Sean McDowell, PhD, author, speaker, and professor

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