How Now Shall We Live?

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576 pages

Author: Charles W. Colson, Nancy Pearcey
Hardcover Book
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Topic: Worldviews

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How Now Shall We Live?, was the heart cry of a people who lived during the Jewish exile from the Promised Land, yet it is no less the unspoken prayer of the faithful today. As author Chuck Colson puts it, “We live in a culture that is at best morally indifferent … in which Judeo-Christian values are mocked … in which violence, banality, meanness, and disintegrating personal behavior are destroying civility and endangering the very life of our communities.” Christianity is more than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is also a worldview that not only answers life’s basic questions:

  • Where did we come from, and who are we?
  • What has gone wrong with the world?
  • What can we do to fix it?

but also shows us how we should live as a result of those answers. How Now Shall We Live? gives Christians the understanding, the confidence, and the tools to confront the world’s bankrupt worldviews and to restore and redeem every aspect of life.

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