Out of the Ashes at Ground Zero

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Contents include:
● From the President: “Taking the Only True and Transformational Faith Seriously,” Hank Hanegraaff
● “Lessons for Today’s Church from the Life of the Early Church,” by J. Warner Wallace
● “Symbolic Immortality Projects Can’t Save You,” by Clay Jones
● “There Is No Health in Us: Wellness and Self-Care in the Age of Coronavirus,” by Anne Kennedy
● “Medieval Christians and Evangelism,” by Nicole Howe
● “Plenty of Details — But Not What We Really Need to Understand Evolution”: A Summary Critique of
Neil Shubin’s Some Assembly Required: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life, from Ancient Fossils to DNA,
by Paul Nelson
● “The Scientific Materialist Manifesto: The Pursuit of Meaning in a Godless Universe,” by Melissa Cain Travis
● Viewpoint: “Does the Doctrine of Original Sin Imply That All White People Are Racists?” by Matthew Kennedy
● Effective Evangelism: “How Do We Evangelize Affluent Suburbs?” by Ashley Hales
● Ask Hank: “How Does Free Will Affect Faith?”