Paul Maier Book Package

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The Paul Maier Book Package includes the following resources:

  • Pontius Pilate, by Paul Maier, Softcover, 384 pages
  • More Than a Skeleton, by Paul Maier, Softcover, 352 pages
  • A Skeleton In God’s Closet, by Paul Maier, Softcover, 374 pages
  • The Constantine Codex, by Paul Maier, Softcover, 384 pages

Pontius Pilate

384 page

Author: Paul Maier
Paperback Book
Audience: General


Topic: Church History

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More Than a Skeleton

352 pages

Author: Paul Maier
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Paperback Book
Audience: General


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A Skeleton In God's Closet

Author: Paul Maier
Publisher: WestBow Press

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The Constantine Codex

Format Softcover
Number of Pages:384
Author Paul L. Maier

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Pontius Pilate. The startling yet untold story of the ambitious and successful Roman politician whose fateful verdict forever changes the course of history — but whose conscience can never rest with the consequences. In this unique Biblical novel, Dr. Paul L. Maier brings to life the Roman governor of Judea as he rises from the political intrigues of imperial Rome and survives the treacherous plotting of Herod Antipas. Behind him stands Procula, a wife who fires his ambition for political advancement, while before him stands a bewildering clash of Jewish leaders, national extremists, and religious zealots.

More Than a Skeleton. When Joshua Ben-Yosef, an Israeli from Galilee begins assembling twelve followers, attracting crowds, and performing miracles, the world takes notice. Could Dr. Melvin Merton, well-known leader and author of end times books, have been correct about the imminent return of Christ? It seems everyone is a believer in this “Messiah,” including Weber’s wife, Shannon-especially when Joshua performs the “ultimate sign” by raising his disciple from the dead. Plagued by skepticism, Weber may be the only one who can intervene before the very foundations of the Christian faith are shattered.

A Skeleton In God’s Closet. Dr. Jonathan Weber, Harvard professor and biblical scholar, is looking forward to his sabbatical year on an archaeological dig in Israel. But a spectacular find that seems to be an archaeologist’s dream-come-true becomes a nightmare that could be the death rattle of Christianity.

The Constantine Codex. A shocking discovery throws Harvard professor Jonathan Weber into the international spotlight—and could change the way the world sees the Bible. While touring Greek monasteries, he finds a manuscript that includes the lost ending of Mark and a 67th book. When the codex is stolen, Jon races to recover it—before it’s lost forever!

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