How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour

448 pages

Author: Gordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart
Publisher: Zondervan
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topics: Bible, The Holy Interpretation/Hermeneutics

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A Guided Tour from Genesis through Revelation. Reading the Bible need not be a haphazard journey through strange and bewildering territory. Like an experienced tour guide, How to Read the Bible Book by Book takes you by the hand and walks you through the Scriptures. For each book of the Bible, the authors start with a quick snapshot, then expand the view to help you better understand its key elements and how it fits into the grand narrative of the Bible. Written by two top evangelical scholars, this survey is designed to get you actually reading the Bible knowledgeably and understanding it accurately. In an engaging, conversational style, Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart take you through a given book of the Bible using their unique, progressive approach.

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