The Battle for the Historical Adam and Eve

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Contents include:

From the President: Adamic Denial and Distortion by Hank Hanegraaff

Feature Articles:

“Lessons Learned (and Not Learned) from the Evangelical Debate over Adam and Eve” by Casey Luskin

 “Just So Science” by Louis Markos 

“Trusting Jesus in a Universe that Doesn’t Have Your Back: A Christian Looks at Manifesting” by Anne Kennedy

“Sexual Identity and the Biblical Philosophy of Gender” by Doug Groothuis

“The Problem with Improving Abortion” by Jay Watts

 “Corey Goode: Time-Traveling Secret Space Program Whistleblower” by Lindsey Medenwaldt

“The Age of Opportunity: How the Bible Gives Hope for Aging” by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage


“What Can Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical Christians Learn from Each Other?” by Brad Nassif

Effective Evangelism:

The Adoption of God by  Robert Barnes

Postmodern Realities: 

No More Desires: Ian Fleming, James Bond, and Acedia” by Cole Burgett