The Genius Of Job

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Contents include

  • Learning to Rightly Interpret Scripture in an Age of Biblical Illiteracy by Hank Hanegraaff  (From the President)
  • Faith, Fact, and Reason: Ingredients for Knowledge by Jonah Haddad (Effective Evangelism)
  • G. K. Chesterton on the Book of Job by Rebekah Valerius
  • Ignatius of Antioch’s Desire for Martyrdom by Matthew M. Kennedy
  • In Defense of the Church’s Traditional Doctrine of Hell by Fr. Lawrence R. Farley
  • Swimming Upstream: Why the Natural Law Resists Totalitarianism by R. Keith Loftin
  • Marriage in Mid-Life: How Disappointment Helps Us Become More Christlike by Dorothy Littell Greco
  • You Probably Aren’t Saved If…(This Is about Sex) by Clay Jones (Viewpoint)
  • “Wayward Ted”: Celebrating the Fruit of the Spirit in Ted Lasso by K. B. Hoyle  Postmodern Realities
  • Are There Really Flames in Hell?  by Hank Hanegraaff (Ask Hank)