The Other Islam: Who Are the Shia?

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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • The Other Islam: Who Are the Shia? By Patrick Cate and C. Wayne Mayhall
  • Gabriel’s Revelation: A Challenge To Our View of the Resurrection? By Craig J. Hazen
  • Immanuel Kant: Is God With Us or Beyond Us? By Robert Velarde
  • When Soulforce Calls: Responding to the Claims and Tactics of a Religious Gay Activist Group by Joe Dallas
  • Lighting a Path for a Church Apologetics Ministry by James Patrick Holding
  • A Summary Critique: The Clockwork Despair Of Watchmen by Robert Velarde, a review of Watchmen the movie (Warner Bros. 2009)
  • Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics by Louis Markos
  • and More

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